How to improve the efficiency of crawlers to collect data

  Most companies need to use crawler technology to collect data. Python is one of the best computer languages ​​for data collection.

How to improve the efficiency of crawlers to collect data

  For example, collecting tens of thousands or millions of webpage data analysis can not only obtain a large amount of industry information, but also understand the competition of peers in the first time. The company will also make decisions based on industry conditions.

  Although crawlers are the most used technology for data collection, there are also restrictions on frequent visits by the system to crawlers. So can crawlers use third-party software to break through restrictions and improve efficiency?

  Crawler workers generally simulate different user visits by changing IP.

  Crawler workers will change the IP from time to time when collecting data, because the local area network has restrictions on accessing the user’s port, destination website, protocol, game, instant messaging software, etc. If the IP access frequency and number of visits are too many, it will be serious. Will block the IP to prohibit access. If you want to break through these restrictions, you must use dynamic IP software to quickly switch IPs, and use different IPs to increase the number of visits.

  In addition to switching the IP, the proxy IP software can also hide the user’s real IP, and all domestic city lines can be selected, so that the object being visited does not know your real IP address.