Why you should use a proxy server

  There are many benefits of using a proxy server, including:

Why you should use a proxy server

  To improve your data security: Data breaches are inevitable and can be severely costly. Most organizations today are rightly taking as many steps as possible to mitigate the risks of a data breach. Proxy servers help you do this by adding an additional layer of security between your servers and outside traffic. Attackers will therefore struggle to get their hands on the actual data where it is stored. Combine proxy servers with a Data Security Platform to add another layer of security through visibility of user behavior – and you’re on to a winner.

  To help protect vulnerable people: Many parents many choose to make use of proxy filters to prevent their children from accessing harmful or unwanted websites. Proxy servers can also be used to monitor internet activity, so parents can determine how much time their children spend surfing the web.

  Improving experience: Proxy servers can provide faster internet speeds when you visit the same website frequently (such as www.tomatoip.io, for example…). You can also use proxy servers to access content that is blocked.

  Privacy: If you are someone who wants to browse the internet in private, you can use a proxy server to hide your IP address. Businesses can make use of proxy servers to hide important or private documents, such as development, research, shareholder information and more.

  In summary, proxy servers are useful for several reasons; security being one of them. However, alone, they are not going to prevent you from experiencing a data breach. Most data breaches occur from within, as insider threats abuse their privileged access to your sensitive data. Proxy servers should be a piece of your security puzzle.

  Another piece is ensuring that you have visibility over what your privileged users are doing with your most sensitive data. Using the Tomatoip, you can classify your sensitive data by compliance, govern access to it and monitor user behavior.

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