Three reasons why proxy ip access fails

  When we use the proxy ip, there will be access failures, such as the software does not work, or prompts that all proxy IPs are invalid, or the return result is empty after the code runs, etc., such prompt results often make people wonder where the problem is , I don’t know where to start if I want to solve the problem. This article analyzes the three main reasons for the failure of proxy ip access.

Three reasons why proxy ip access fails

  Is the API extraction link normal?

  Can the proxy IP be extracted normally? Many software have incorrect settings in the first step, and the IP cannot be extracted at all, or the API return format does not meet the requirements. There are also many friends whose code handles the IP delimiter incorrectly. There have been a few friends. The proxy IP used for the first time was the first one to succeed, and all the subsequent uses failed. After repeated investigations, it was discovered that the separator was handled incorrectly.

  Is the proxy IP authorization correct?

  Many paid proxy IPs now require authorization to be used, which is more secure. There are currently three mainstream authorization methods:

  1, IP whitelist

  2, username + password

  3, 1 and 2 are all supported and can be switched automatically.

  In the case that the API can extract the IP but still fails to use, you need to check the authorization, such as whether the fixed terminal IP using the proxy is bound in the IP whitelist authorization mode.

  Anti-crawler strategy to prevent

  I have encountered more of this problem. Obviously everything is set up and the code is correct, but the access is unsuccessful, or the success rate is very low. Some of the previous accesses were successful, and suddenly all of the access failed or the failure rate was very high after a certain day. The first reaction of many friends is that the quality of the proxy IP is not working well, and it has dropped. The first time they thought of changing the proxy service provider. In fact, it may be due to the anti-crawler strategy or may be an upgrade, so you need to upgrade the crawling technology.