Playing games fast enough? Proxy ip to assist

  Different network speeds will have a great impact on the game experience. In actual games, it will even lead to failures for both yourself and the team, and teammates will blame themselves for this. In this regard, to improve the speed, it is inevitable to try ip proxy. Changing the function of ip software can play the role of geographic location, or intelligently match lines that are more friendly to players, or even directly assign players new ips.

Playing games fast enough? Proxy ip to assist

  1. choose the server according to the player’s location

  The location of the player is closely related to the speed of the network, and the corresponding node must be found according to the region. In the same team, if you and each teammate use nodes in nearby regions, you can make the game the fastest . In theory, this is because it takes more time to connect to nodes that are far away, and computing games under such nodes also requires more consumption.

  2. Automatically select the appropriate node according to different speeds

  This kind of function is dynamically assigned to the player’s suitable node. Of course, it is necessary to know the player’s current speed beforehand, and then determine the ip proxy address according to the situation. Pomodoro has achieved this humanized function. Therefore, intelligence can greatly reduce the waiting time of players and allow novice players with little experience to enjoy the game.

  3. regularly add newer and faster addresses

  Even if the existing ip proxy can play its due role, players always hope that newer addresses can be added. On the one hand, they can give themselves more space to choose, and on the other hand, they can reduce the burden of existing addresses. . However, the level of improved experience will not be very high, only slight adjustments will be made on the existing basis, and reasonable and steady optimization will be carried out.

  In this way, players can create a better game environment for themselves by using Pomodoro, and they don’t have to be afraid of suddenly dropping the connection and pitting their teammates.