How to distinguish between public IP and intranet IP

  An IP address is a number for a computer on the Internet. If the computer is compared to a “phone”, then the IP is the “phone number”. Only the phone number can dial, and the same IP can connect to the Internet. IP addresses are divided into public IP and intranet IP. What are these two IPs? Let’s talk about them in detail below.

How to distinguish between public IP and intranet IP

  First, let’s talk about what public IP is. The public IP is the only address in the world that can be accessed as long as it is connected to the network. Like a cloud server with a fixed public IP, the applications deployed in it can be accessed as long as there are devices that can connect to the network.

  Next, let’s talk about what is an intranet IP. It is an IP address for internal use. Similar to the LAN IP address, it is restricted to a range, and only within that circle can you access it. The most common and simplest method is to connect two computers with a network cable. The two computers access each other through the intranet IP. It is generally applicable to intranet websites deployed by companies, and some government departments, which can be accessed only in specific places or designated equipment, and cannot be accessed by networks and equipment in other places.

  So how can I tell if it is a public IP or an intranet IP?

  If remote desktop or other local applications can be opened, and the target website can be accessed under the network environment provided by the three major network communication service providers, it means that it is an external network IP. If it cannot be accessed, it is an internal network IP. Another feature of the internal network IP is that it passes through the router but does not have the management authority of the router, which means it is an internal network IP.

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