What are the applicable scopes of IP accelerators

  The IP accelerator helps users establish a high-speed dedicated virtual network channel through three virtual network technologies (that is, based on TCP, UDP, and PPP protocols), bypassing congested routes, reducing network delay, and improving download speed. The application in online games is more prominent, and the effect of IP acceleration can be experienced most intuitively.

What are the applicable scopes of IP accelerators

  1. Online game acceleration

  Completely solve the interconnection problem of all domestic broadband networks.

  2. Network Security

  Using an IP accelerator will make your network enter a virtual private network and add a layer of security to your network.

  3. Lock static IP

  Many applications, web pages, databases or websites can also be locked with IP addresses. Have a static IP address. When you connect to the Internet, you will have the same IP address every time. If your company is pursuing network security and looking for a higher level of protection, it is very necessary, IP accelerator can provide a static IP.

  4. Virtual firewall

  How does an IP accelerator prevent your computer from being attacked directly? Attacks usually directly attack the IP address of your computer itself. The IP accelerator will hide the IP of your computer and pretend to be the IP of the proxy server. The proxy server uses a high-level hardware firewall and is monitored by professional engineers in real time.