How to judge the quality of proxy IP?

  Why is the demand for proxy IP now increasing? Because with the rapid development of Internet big data, the demand for proxy IP is also increasing, and various proxy IP service providers have also sprung up through search engines. One search, you can find many proxy IP service providers, then how do we judge the quality of the proxy IP and how to choose the proxy IP suitable for our business?

How to judge the quality of proxy IP?

  1. IP purity

  IP purity means that the fewer people using IP, the better, and it will not conflict with your own business. For example, the exclusive IP pool, which is used by one person, has the highest IP purity; the shared proxy IP, although the price is cheap, has the lowest purity and cannot be used for business conflicts.

  2. The size of the proxy IP pool

  The larger the IP pool, the smaller the probability of IP duplication and the more proxy IPs that can be used. Some large IP proxy service providers have daily turnover of hundreds of thousands or even more than one million, and users can use them as much as they want according to their needs. At the same time, the larger the IP pool, the higher the cost, which proves that the supplier’s comprehensive strength is also stronger, and the after-sales service and product quality can be more guaranteed.

  3. effective connection rate

  Some proxy IP service providers have very large IP pools, which are claimed to be millions and tens of millions, but the connection efficiency is very low. That is meaningless. For a very simple example, the proxy of 100,000 IP pools is efficient. More than 90% and 1 million proxy IPs in the IP pool have an efficiency of about 10%. Which one are you willing to choose? Although the latter has more effective proxy IPs, the efficiency is too low and a lot of time will be wasted. And cost.

  4. IP coverage

  IP coverage is also the distribution range of line nodes. The wider the national distribution range, the better. If IP is only distributed in a few areas, it is susceptible to the influence of near-to-far communication between network nodes. What’s more, for some users who require to choose proxy IP by region, of course, the more regions the better.

  The above are 4 ways to judge the quality of proxy IP. I hope it can help you some reference when choosing proxy IP.