How to use proxy IP to register accounts in batches?

  When we do some network projects, we often use a large number of accounts, such as Facebook marketing, which requires a large number of Facebook accounts; for example, forum postings, due to forum restrictions, a single account can only post a limited number per day A large number of accounts are needed for the posts of. For example, popular replenishment, panic buying, likes and collections, etc., all require a large number of accounts. But we also know that an IP can often only be registered for one or two or three accounts. If there are more, it will be restricted or blocked. At this time, you need to change the IP to operate.

How to use proxy IP to register accounts in batches?

  Some people say that changing the IP is not easy. Restart the router, and you can change the IP every time it restarts. Yes, this is a method, but this method is too time-consuming and energy-consuming, and the efficiency is very low. For a business that needs to register a large number of accounts, this is really terrible, and it is tiring to keep restarting the router.

  In fact, there is a more efficient method, which is to use a large number of proxy IPs. There are also many types of agents, which can be divided into free agents and charged agents. Most of the free agents are some agents crawled by crawlers from the Internet. Due to the large number of users, the efficiency of free agents is very low, and the speed is also very slow, and the stability is very poor. For the registration work that requires high efficiency, Free agency is not advisable, and the main consideration is paid agency.

  There are many types of charging agents. There are expensive and cheap ones. How to choose? Generally, it is recommended to choose a highly hidden agent. Use a highly hidden agent to make the target server unable to distinguish whether you use a proxy or not. A transparent proxy will expose the cost. Machine IP, ordinary anonymous proxy will also expose the use of proxy IP, the latter two proxy IP will cause the registration task to fail.

  Tomatoip Proxy IP platform professionally provides HTTP proxy IP services. The dynamic and high-quality proxies are all highly hidden, which is very suitable for batch registration of accounts. It is inexpensive, efficient and stable.