What's so good about the dedicated IP in the proxy IP

  When we browse the website, we may often encounter restricted access. At this time, some people choose to give up browsing, and some people try to solve the problem and continue browsing. Then the way to solve the problem is to use proxy IP. There are many websites that provide proxy IP on the Internet, so you can easily obtain the proxy IP to continue visiting the website.

What’s so good about the dedicated IP in the proxy IP

  But we also encounter some problems when using the proxy IP. For example, sometimes the IP may not be used because a website is involved, and the users who use this IP cannot continue to visit the website. This connection is very confusing. The headache is also a major drawback of the proxy IP, but the proxy IP is not useful, can this problem be avoided?

  The answer is yes, that is, the dedicated IP. The above said that because the shared IP is used, a website will be blocked and other websites using the IP will not be able to use it normally. So can a dedicated IP solve this problem? First of all, let’s understand the meaning of a dedicated IP. In fact, it is the difference between a single room and a shared lease. A dedicated IP is an IP used by a user alone, which naturally avoids attacks and involvement, and is safe. Performance has also improved, and in terms of doing business, it can also increase the chance of a user’s website being indexed by search engines. This is not possible with shared IP, and you can also directly use IP to access the website, and users can directly access through dedicated IP Website, to avoid errors reported when using shared IP access.

  In summary, the dedicated IP is still very superior compared to the ordinary shared IP. Therefore, if you are pursuing high-quality and high-efficiency business, you can choose to use dedicated IP. Tomatoip’s dedicated IP customization service is very good. You can customize it according to customer needs and truly enjoy it alone.