What is a dedicated IP pool? What are the advantages over shared IP

  Many friends are wondering, what is an dedicated IP pool? In fact, it is very simple to understand from the literal meaning, an dedicated IP pool is an IP pool dedicated to one person, these IPs are used by you alone, and you can use it as you want.

What is a dedicated IP pool? What are the advantages over shared IP

  So what are the advantages of the dedicated proxy IP compared to other proxy IPs?

  One is stability. When we use the shared IP, we often use it and it becomes invalid, or it is invalid before it can be used. I believe that many friends have encountered this situation. When you are registering an account, you just fill in the information to register, and suddenly the IP is invalid; when you fill out a questionnaire to submit, the IP suddenly becomes invalid. ……In many cases, the sudden failure of IP is often twice the result, but this will not happen when using a dedicated IP pool. We can determine the survival time of these IPs so that you have enough time to complete the task.

  The second is high efficiency. When we use a shared IP, we are often denied access by the target website or prompted that the IP has been used. This makes you infinitely annoyed and powerless. After all, it is a shared IP. You can use it to access this website, and other people can naturally use it to access the same website. As a result, you will find that the business success rate is relatively low and the efficiency is relatively low. Dedicated IP pools can completely avoid this situation, because these IPs are only used by you and will not conflict with others.

  The third is high speed. We often complain about how these proxy IPs are not as easy to use as before, and the speed has become a lot slower. This is because more people are used, and the speed will drop, just like a highway, a car and hundreds of vehicles. The difference between the driving of thousands of vehicles, and the use of a dedicated IP pool, is a world of one person, no one will compete with you, and the speed is inevitable.

  Four is controllability. We often complain about these when we use shared IPs: there are too few binding whitelists, the retrieval interval is too long, the IP validity time is too short, the traffic is restricted and the use is uncomfortable, and the concurrency is controlled and the use is uncomfortable, etc. Wait. When you use a dedicated IP pool, you will find that these are not problems. You can use it whatever you want. You can use it with high concurrency and large traffic. You can determine the IP validity time. You can add a lot of whitelists, or you can Use username and password authorization instead of whitelisting. In short, these IPs are dedicated to you, and how you use them will not affect others, and others will not affect you.

  In summary, it can be seen that the dedicated IP pool has great advantages. If you are still worried about the various upsets of the shared proxy IP, why not try the dedicated proxy IP pool at Tomato Acceleration. I believe you will not be disappointed. .