What are the functions of dynamic proxy IP?

  In this era of rapid development of the Internet, dynamic IP plays an indispensable role in data crawling. Do you know the specific functions of dynamic IP proxy? Let’s take a look at Tomatoip below.

What are the functions of dynamic proxy IP?

  1. hide the real IP

  The first advantage of dynamic IP proxy software is that it can provide protection to real IP. In other words, the IP displayed in front of everyone is a fake address, making it impossible to trace each other and successfully breaking away from the other’s restrictions. This effect is also the reason why many crawlers attach great importance to dynamic IP proxies.

  2. increase the safety factor

  The Internet is a double-edged sword. While greatly facilitating people’s access to information, it also brings hidden dangers of privacy leakage. Therefore, many people will use dynamic IP proxy software, through the proxy server, to restrict some foreign visitors, especially important information on the website, directly deny the entry of external visitors, play a very good role in security protection, and greatly improve The safety factor.

  3. Avoid restricting access

  Many local websites restrict access to foreign IPs, which is a headache for foreign workers who need access. To solve this problem, we need to consider using dynamic IP proxy software. Because these dynamic proxy IPs are usually not a single server address, but use more server addresses to switch, so it completely breaks through the access restrictions.

  The above is an introduction to the function of dynamic IP proxy, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.