How important is the proxy IP for Python crawlers

  With the advent of the era of big data, crawlers have become an indispensable way to obtain data. When crawlers are used to crawl the same website multiple times, they are often banned by the website’s IP anti-crawler mechanism. In order to solve the problem of banning IP For problems, the following methods are usually used:

How important is the proxy IP for Python crawlers

  1. Forge User-Agent, set User-Agent to User-Agent in the browser in the request header to forge browser access.

  2. Slow down the crawl speed to reduce the pressure on the target website, but it will reduce the crawl volume per unit time.

  3. Forged cookies, if you can access a page normally from the browser, you can copy the cookies in the browser and use it.

  4. Using Tomatoip, after using the proxy IP, the crawler can disguise its real IP.

  For Python crawlers, sometimes the business volume is heavy. Distributed crawlers are the best way to improve efficiency. Distributed crawlers urgently need a large number of IP resources. This is not enough for free IP, so for free agents, it’s true. Don’t worry about it. It’s thank God that its IP availability rate can exceed 10%. Using such quality IP resources is simply miserable.

  In order to effectively break through the anti-crawler mechanism and continue high-frequency crawling, it is essential to use a high-quality proxy IP. Here we have to recommend Tomatoip, which is inexpensive and more stable than free proxy IP.

  Tomatoip not only has a large amount of resources, but it can also change IP addresses quickly. It is a relatively simple and convenient proxy server. The most important thing is to ensure security and there will be no pop-up ads or viruses. Choose Tomatoip to greatly improve work efficiency , Stable, reliable and more at ease!